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  1. I want to live and work in a world where we are actively engaged with our audience, not taking advantage of them. Seeing the people I design for as rich and complex yields many more exciting opportunities than reducing them to a set of eyeballs with a credit card.

  2. Whether it’s traffic lights, caution signs or traffic cones - we’re subconsciously trained to respond to colors.

    This is exactly why when I saw these cabs outside Columbia College, I did a double take wondering why cops were patrolling the campus. It was only after I got a little closer that I realized they’re actually cabs. They’re just blue.

    I can understand that different cab companies would want to brand themselves differently, but couldn’t they have picked a hue of yellow?

    Just saying, would you wave down a cop car or a bright-yellow-obviously-I’m-a-cab car for your ride to work?


  3. When we were thinking about designing a “landing page” for new users on Wattpad, there weren’t too many examples I could get from the web. I guess it’s not as prevalent any more, but at times, it can be quite useful.

    Wattpad is a community of readers and writers - it’s a place where people come to discover and share stories and hopefully - write their own! 

    But how do you explain this to someone who’s brand new to your site? For someone who has stumbled upon Wattpad via a search engine?

    Enter: landing page.

    If you’ve never been to Wattpad before (have no associated browser cookie), you get this little banner on the top that tries to explain what Wattpad is all about.

    This design went through a couple of iterations and isn’t quite perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction. On a quick glance, it gives a nice overview of what Wattpad is all about. If you want to know more, you can always click on the video on the right. So it offers something for both, the not-so-interested users as well as the mega-interested users. It also offers a link to discover more stories of the kind you’ve just stumbled upon. In the image attached, I’ve “stumbled” upon a Historical Fiction story. So the landing page, detecting the category, offers to show you more Historical Fiction stories. By doing so, the system is putting in practice what it’s preaching - it’s helping you discover stories it thinks you like on Wattpad!

    What do you think about landing pages? It’s a fairly new feature, so we haven’t specifically tracked how much it’s helped us maintain users who randomly land on our site. Once we do though, I’ll be sure to update the post :)