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  1. Tumblr’s new user onboarding workflow immerses users in its current interface and holds their hands through the first few steps of following blogs in order to craft the ideal user experience.


  2. The audio player interface on the Tumblr dashboard is very well done. It’s sleek and compact without being too cluttered, *and* it features a minimalistic sound bar animation thing.


  3. Tumblr has its miscellaneous, usually-placed-in-the-footer menu items sticky on the side as you scroll down your dashboard so you don’t have to chase them due to the endless scrolling design. Kind of ingenius and something I wish more websites would make use of.


  4. When you post a link on Tumblr, this is how it shows up on the dashboard. Before, it used to be bold, underlined text.

    So yes, this change makes links more obvious and showcases a photo alongside the link, but I’m not sure how well it meshes with the rest of Tumblr. I feel like the green is outside of Tumblr’s theme and the plain (i.e., lack of shading, texture, depth) look amidst the rest of the shadows and lines of the dashboard makes it look (for lack of a better word) tacky.


  5. When searching through a tumblr tag, you can click the “talk to the hand” icon to ignore certain users’ posts.


  6. Not sure when this feature was rolled out, but I just noticed it. Tumblr’s tweet box updates in real time so you don’t have boring old “Question: tm.blr/dflkjsdflksdj” tweets.


  7. Tumblr has a new app! And it’s really purty.


    Download our new app. :D

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  8. The idea that design is equal to engineering and business development and marketing shouldn’t be new and unheard of. Tumblr gets that and it serves them well. Peter makes a lot of solid points here. A must-read.


    Peter Vidani on the Evolution of the Tumblr Dashboard

    Ministry of Design senior minister Peter Vidani lays hands on every aspect of Tumblr’s visual and usage aesthetic. Initially contracted to work on theme creation, he came aboard full-time in 2009 and has steadily advanced his design philosophy of utility and simplicity. One of his primary, perpetual obsessions could be considered the real face of Tumblr: the Dashboard.

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  9. Tumblr icons get a facelift

    They’re pretty, colorful, and they grab your attention.

    Good stuff!


  10. Your users like being in the know. Don’t just tell them you fixed bugs, tell them how they can expect a better experience.