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  1. The Day I realized I am not a hipster

    DISCLAIMER: I never actually thought I was/am a hipster. It just makes for a catchy title.

    Y’know, hipsters are like:

    I am an engineering student. This, according to popular belief, means my left brain is more powerful than my right brain. At more than one time in my life, I’ve looked back and wondered why I didn’t choose the “right brain” way of life and go into graphic design instead of engineering.

    Today, I ventured into artsy territory. And it really… opened my eyes. So to speak.

    Ever come across fashion photographs or watch models walk the ramp in ridiculous outfits and wonder “who wears these”? Artsies do! From jeans so skinny you suspect serious blood flow constriction, to unflatteringly fitted sleeveless tops, plaid coats paired with striped shirts and more!

    It was an exhibit of sorts i.e., an artsy party to talk about the mysteries of the universe.

    Jokes aside, it was actually very interesting. In fact, it tackled a lot of the issues engineering students strive to solve, but in a different dimension. Whereas an engineer might ensure a hospital has enough ambulances to respond to emergency calls within a certain perimeter, an artist can take it upon themselves to design a better bedside table for terminally ill patients.

    I never thought it would come to this, but I fear I’ve become so ingrained in the world of engineering despite claiming to be multi-faceted enough, that I’ve almost forgone the fact that there are other worlds out there that are doing amazing things that have the potential to change the world. Sure, our artistic counterparts talk in a different way. They tend to philosophize any thing that can be philosophized, they dare to dream a little, question logic less, and reach outside of the box enough to be able to get to several other boxes and encourage their habitants to reach outside alongside them, but at the end of the day - great stuff comes out of it. Much like great stuff that comes out of engineering. Every day.