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  1. Twitter through the ages

    I use the native Twitter interface. I’ve tried using other clients and it just doesn’t work out for me. Not that they’re bad, they just seem unnatural. Like if I were to forever use my local system through a remote computer. One step removed.

    Twitter is known for their big revamps. But it’s the little changes that really stand out for me.

    This is what hovering over a tweet looked like in 2008:

    In 2010, it looked like this:

    Until very recently, it looked like this:

    Now, it looks like this:

    There was a lot of conversation surrounding the “opening” of a tweet. The change now makes it more obvious by calling it “conversation” instead of “Open”.

    The options are better compartmentalized. Whereas before, you had to “Open” the tweet from the top right corner of the container and look at “Details” at the bottom. Now, the “Details” option (which loads up a page containing your tweet and gives you the option to embed it) is hidden under “Expand”. Which makes it a little cleaner than before.

    The “favorite” option used to live on the top row along with your name, twitter handle, and time counter alongside the Reply and Retweet options on hover. This meant hovering over a tweet hid the time counter. Now they’re all tucked away neatly in the bottom and the time is always visible on the top right corner.

    The new inverse treatment on the retweeted tweets pops a little more than before.

    So, visually, it looks a lot cleaner. I’d like to see some small improvements with respect to streamlining. For example, it takes a little longer to figure out how to go about embedding a tweet.