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  1. If you were to ask me about blog suggestions, I would likely list the following in somewhat the same order as the blogs I like/reblog the most:

    #1 Humans of New York & Josh

    #2 UX Rave

    #3 Chris Hadfield

    #4 WTF Mobile

    #5 Food 52

    #6 Inspire My Web

    #7 NBA

    #8 Bijan Sabet

    Stories in Photography, Arabic, User Experience Design, and Basketball. Pretty much sums me up.


  2. This is real. These mountains are in China. I wanna visit that country so bad.



    Danxia refers to a “type of petrographic geomorphology” found in China. What that means is you get these mountains that look as though they were decorated with crayons by a five-year-old channelling Dalí.

    (via kayfabe)


  3. This is a terraced rice field in Yunnan, China. Terraced rice fields prevent crop that require a lot of water (like rice) from erosion and surface run-off. It’s a landscaping technique often used for growing crop in hilly or mountainous areas. I think it looks absolutely stunning.

    Image via National Geographic (those guys are my heroes)


  4. It’s been a while since I shared something on Facebook, Twitter, AND Tumblr so this must be pretty special.


    I needed a little beauty this morning and this certainly fit the bill…a snowboarder covered in LED lights shreds in the dark.

    (via Snowboarding in an LED suit)

    (via arainert-deactivated20130102)