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  1. So it’s finally snowing…

    Photo from Sameer Vasta’s Flickr

    Snow. It’s the white stuff that falls from the sky. I’m a desert child. This is not a rant though. Or maybe it is. Let’s just put it this way: snow isn’t my favorite thing in the world.

    1. It makes driving harder
    2. It turns into slush if you live downtown
    3. You have to shovel it if you live in the boonies
    4. You have to bundle up and take approx. 20 extra minutes dressing in the morn
    5. All the layers make mobility quite difficult
    6. You have to buy snow tires for it
    7. Black ice kills people
    8. It ruins your $300 snow boots
    9. City workers have to salt the side walks to let it melt
    10. Commuting becomes even more of a pain in the behind than before

    Yes yes, it sets the mood for the holiday season. But that’s about all it’s useful for.

    Bah, humbug!