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    1. Goofy: How many cups of sugar does it take to get to the moon?
    2. Max: Three and a half?

  1. Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.
    —  Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption

  2. Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through or feel we’ve had enough time.
    —  Kathy H, Never Let Me Go

  3. The English Patient

    1. Almásy: What do you hate most?
    2. Katharine Clifton: A lie. What do you hate most?
    3. Almásy: Ownership. Being owned.

  4. When you go into the shadow of the Moon and the Moon is
    between you and the Sun, there you see stars that are more
    brilliant than anything you have seen on the clearest nights
    here on Earth. And then you pass into the lunar sunrise over
    the lunar surface and… it must an awe-inspiring sight. I
    can’t wait to see it myself.
    —  Jack Swigert, Apollo 13

  5. Liberated? Maybe. Libated? Definitely. But lonely? Never.
    —  Jack, Burlesque

  6. When you develop an infatuation for someone you always find a reason to believe that this is exactly the person for you. It doesn’t need to be a good reason. Taking photographs of the night sky, for example. Now, in the long run, that’s just the kind of dumb, irritating habit that would cause you to split up. But in the haze of infatuation, it’s just what you’ve been searching for all these years.
    —  Richard [Leonardo DiCaprio] in The Beach