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  1. Mozilla Heatmap Study

    No doubt this is a pretty great resource for UX Designers all over the world.

    This link takes you to a screen with this:


    Pretty intriguing! So let’s click on it, that should enlarge it and make it easier to read, right?


    Nope. And it’s not even clicking on the picture again that’ll do it, it’s clicking on where it says, “1500x690”.


  2. Ever heard of the saying, “Prevention is better than cure”?

    This principle applies to Human Computer Interaction beautifully. Would you rather your users make as many errors as possible (read: unnecessary transactions in the back-end) or get it right the first time round and sidestep a whole lotta frustration?

    If you order business cards from Moo, the last step before you go on to add your item to your cart makes sure you’ve looked at everything carefully. In fact, the people at Moo are so dedicated to reducing errors, they won’t let you through to the next step unless you check everything off.

    What this does:

    1. Makes you look at your design again to make sure you got it all there.

    2. Takes some responsibility and a LOT of overhead costs off of Moo.

    If we had more of this, maybe we wouldn’t hear horror stories of customer support waiting times every day. You can follow Moo’s twitter feed @Overheardatmoo