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  1. In 2010, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said, “From the dawn of civilization to 2003, five exabytes of data were created. The same amount was created in the last two days.”

    Today, there are hundreds of companies that deal with very large amounts of data on a daily basis. If these companies are consumer-focused, one of their biggest responsibilities then becomes discovery of this data by their users. This is a pretty big job. A job that Etsy is doing rather well.

    Etsy uses user-generated visuals to create unique non-static/non-standard categories of shopping items. These change according to time of year. And not just a “banner” item change either. Each category changes according to the next big event coming up. Right now, it’s Valentine’s Day.

    Now for comparison’s sake, go and take a look at eBay


  2. Etsy does a really good job at announcing their new features. For their improved search, a little tooltip pops up when you start typing in the search bar that gives you a chance to head over to a more detailed page on the new feature or dismiss it completely.

    Now, you can search within categories, making discovery and search results more relevant.

    And yes, I like cardigans.