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  1. This is why I love people tinkering with tech to make new stuff. This.


    Web Colour Data: A quick way to grab colors from any site. The site eventually aims to answer things like, what are the most popular colors for certain industries and what colors are frequently paired.


  2. Tumblr icons get a facelift

    They’re pretty, colorful, and they grab your attention.

    Good stuff!


  3. Whether it’s traffic lights, caution signs or traffic cones - we’re subconsciously trained to respond to colors.

    This is exactly why when I saw these cabs outside Columbia College, I did a double take wondering why cops were patrolling the campus. It was only after I got a little closer that I realized they’re actually cabs. They’re just blue.

    I can understand that different cab companies would want to brand themselves differently, but couldn’t they have picked a hue of yellow?

    Just saying, would you wave down a cop car or a bright-yellow-obviously-I’m-a-cab car for your ride to work?


  4. Cheesecake pops! Aren’t they gorgeous?