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  1. This is a lion made of lines.

    It’s the artwork of Patrick Seymour, who lives in Montreal! (Canada REPRESENT!) and was the featured artwork on Adobe Illustrator CC. It’s actually mesmerizing. I’m ordering a print.


  2. The words “currently based in Toronto” when in reference to artists who create such beautiful stuff is like music to my ears.



    Clever Graphic Art Travel Posters

    These simplistic and fun graphic art travel posters, both real and imagined, are the work of a talented artist who goes by the moniker of Jazzberry Blue. He states “I am a self taught, travelling artist currently based in Toronto.” These are just a few of his collection titled “travel.” Other collections of his work include: originals, abstract, surreal, yoga, animals, stairways and landscapes. Even the gif that greats you on his homepage is awesome, complete with sound effects!


    Beautiful, clever stuff.


  3. Scary Pumpkin
    Puking Pumpkin
    Cannibal Pumpkin
    Meme Pumpkin
    Pacman Pumpkin
    Tiki Pumpkin
    Frankenstein Pumpkin
    Mad Hatter Pumpkin
    Punk Serial Killer Pumpkin

    My favorite part of Halloween is pumpkin carving. It’s creative, it’s fun, it’s always original and it allows for a lot of people to get together to make something awesome. Also, roasted pumpkin seeds are yummy-licious.

    Here’s a selection of photos of pumpkins I saw get carved. Enjoy!


  4. ginjam:

    Typographic Trees

    Gordon Young is an artist focussing on art for public spaces and has produced a number of typographic installations. For a library in Crawley, UK he has created a ‘forest’ of oak pillars positioned throughout the building. Each of the 14 solid oak columns reflect the different subjects from the gothic to the romantic within the library.
    Created in collaboration with: Why Not Associates (Typography), Russell Coleman (Implementation).

    (via typeworship)