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  1. Card Flick is a smartphone app that lets you share your business card with people with just a flick. It’s a great idea. To date, the app has almost 50k downloads!

    I’ve attached screenshots of the Settings page above. the screen on the left is the first one the user comes across. I tried entering my number a bunch of times before I realized the page wasn’t editable and that I had to click the “Edit” button in order to go to the screen on the right. The problem here? The display and Edit screens shouldn’t look identical. 

    I’m referring to the iPhone version of this app. If we look at the native iPhone interface, we can see the difference between displaying information and allowing users to edit information. If you go into contacts and click to open one, it first displays it to you (screen on left) and on the top right allows you to edit it. But it makes sure you know what you can and can’t do.

    the native iPhone interface

    Don’t get me wrong, the Card Flick app is actually really great! I just think this is an obvious UI design error they overlooked.

    Two things:

    1. Make use of familiarity with interface (in this case, design for users who are used to their iPhones)

    2. Reduce information access cost. Why can’t the setting screen take me to the Edit menu right away? The worst I can do it go back or click cancel if I don’t wish to make changes.

    So yes, it’s free and very easy. But one tap? Maybe not.

    **I’ve been notified by the crew at Card Flick that it is in fact “one tap” if you use Facebook to sign up ‘cause it fills out all the fields for you!

    **Minutes after posting this review, I got a response from the Card Flick crew (see below). Good news! New changes coming in the update :)