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  1. Calligraphy, to me, feels like it should always be in Arabic. The letters in Arabic flow better and lend their curves well to the art. This calligraphy in Latin letters, however, works for me. It still flows and there’s that element of decoration that I’m used to seeing in Arabic calligraphy.

    The artist behind this, Thiago Reginato, hails from São Paulo, Brazil. There’s something about Brazil and producing great designers. My personal hero and digital art mentor, Fabio Sasso of abduzeedo, started off in Brazil as well.


    A bold magazine spread by Thiago Reginato of Tipocali in São Paulo.

    I like the roughness of it and the ‘n’ or ‘m’ in the top left looks amazing. Plenty more on his Instgram


  2. ckck:





  4. 19 yo Canadian Alison Rowan uses graphic design to make her point.


  5. I could always tell them apart by looking at them, but never knew what the little differences were.


  6. ginjam:

    Typographic Trees

    Gordon Young is an artist focussing on art for public spaces and has produced a number of typographic installations. For a library in Crawley, UK he has created a ‘forest’ of oak pillars positioned throughout the building. Each of the 14 solid oak columns reflect the different subjects from the gothic to the romantic within the library.
    Created in collaboration with: Why Not Associates (Typography), Russell Coleman (Implementation).

    (via typeworship)