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  1. Like most people on the Internet, I thought Adobe Photoshop was the answer to everything remotely design related. Ever since I’ve gotten into the Information Architecture and Interaction Design side of things, however, I’ve realized that Adobe Fireworks is a prototyper’s best friend.

    I have been using Adobe Fireworks for roughly 2 years now and have gradually discovered the many features that make it so great. Today I learned that it has a Lorem Ipsum tool! You know, that Latin text that you drop as a placeholder when you’re wire framing a site/app/design? Yep. You just go to Commands > Text > Lorem Ipsum. You can set how many paragraphs you want too.



  2. The realm of testing is like a beehive. Everyone on the team is a worker bee. Features are the eggs/larvae. Each matrix is one way of testing what you have. New tools are the pollen. And quantifiable metrics that relate to something in real life is the honey.

    One of these “cells” or matrices in the bee hive is browser testing.

    BrowserStack┬áis a web-based browser testing tool that I’ve been using for the past couple of months. They started out really basic. You could test all sorts of browsers, but only on Windows. They then added features to test your system’s file upload system. They also recently added testing in Mac OS X alongside Windows. Given that Apple’s increasing its market share in the computing world every day, it’s a smart move. Being a Mac user, I’m pretty pumped about this.