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  1. Why SOPA is a step backwards

    SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act sounds a lot less like what it sounds. It’s not just about stopping you from illegally downloading music, it’s about policing everything you do on the web.

    Yes, the Music industry is in a hot mess because nobody pays for music any more, and Hollywood is worried about people live streaming movies instead of going to the theatre. But SOPA is not the solution.

    I’ll leave the Internet to tell you about the little details (before it gets censored! *badum chsss*), but I just wanted to point out that this bill will hurt jobs more than anything.

    A major reason the internet is so revolutionary is because it’s so open. Anyone anywhere can put up anything they want. YouTube celebrities and Facebook are just two of the big, glaring examples of this. Oh and there’s the Egyptian revolution. NBD.

    The open source nature of the Internet utilizes talent to the extreme and puts the power in the hands of the regular Joe (or Jane). SOPA wants to move this power to the “big guns”.

    This means a lot of things: no posting potentially copyright things on Facebook, visiting websites that might be infringing any copyrights etc. But it also means the end of innovation. By applying laws like these, the government can’t expect as many people to still start off companies. That’s an end to the Jack Dorseys, Larry Pages and Mark Zuckerbergs of our world.

    The number of start-ups in the US specifically are already a lot less than they were two decades ago; unemployment is prevalent across the country and here is the House of Commons trying to pass something that will make matters worse.

    Some sources that can tell you more about this:



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    What can you do? Sign a petition and stuff. The cat videos you watch on YouTube are on the line here!