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  1. This is a hilarious article about why Arabic is a really cool language. The author is so obviously foreign, I want to sympathize with him. Some gems include:

    This idea is so cool that you’d think it came from a constructed language, and yet Arabic has actual native speakers who live completely normal lives and will not try to talk to you about Runescape.

    Several enjoyable consonants wait to greet the foreign learner. Most of these are emphatic consonants, which are just like the familiar consonants /k/, /t/, /th/, /s/ and /d/ except that as you pronounce them you must simultaneously try to swallow your tongue.

    And then there is this beast: ع a consonant pronounced so far back in the throat that you must wait two hours after eating to safely attempt it. Naturally it’s one of the most common sounds in the language.

    spoken Arabic has diverged substantially from the written language, so you can study it formally for years and not be able to understand a television commercial.