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  1. Notes from Dan Cederholm’s #ShopTalkShow

    #ShopTalkShow is a live web design and development podcast run by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier.

    These are my very incomplete notes from the podcast. Mostly for myself, but if you like, you can read through them too!

    - Check out Visual Idiot's “Guide to getting a Dribbble Invite

    - Yeah, IE 6 is a pain etc., but we need to stop talking about it already

    - Google Maps and having it fit in every screen size. Chris has a codepen on it!

    - Dan worked on the responsiveness of Dribbble. It’s not optimized for mobile, but it’s not ideal. It hasn’t been started from scratch, which would have been ideal, but the small team decided to do the most feasible option, time-wise.

    Question: I was a web developer until 2009. Now want to switch back. How do I get back in the game?