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    While walking in the Chicago neighbourhood of Logan Square Christopher of Colossal happened upon an enormous stack of Monopoly ‘Chance’ cards. After some diligent sleuthing he figured out that the cards were part of an awesome interactive street art installation by an artist/art collective known as Bored, who described their motivation behind this delightful project:

     “the goal of this entire project has been to present something different than a stencil painted on the ground or a poster pasted to a wall. Something 3-dimensional that can be picked up, beaten down, kicked, yanked, grabbed, and broken. And if someone ever put forth the effort to remove it, like a weed it will always grow back. And if left alone it will evolve into something different.”

    Visit Colossal to view more photos of the life-size Monopoly game scattered across the streets of Chicago. 
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