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  1. Gone are the days when companies used separate phones for office numbers. Now, everything can be connected to one device. Your device! Recently, Wattpad HQ got a company phone line complete with employee extensions and everything. But instead of having to set up bulky handsets on our individual desks, we got a nifty little email that instructed us on how to set up our extensions to forward to our cell phones.


    I use an iPhone 4. Luckily, there are plenty of “softphone” apps on iTunes. I was recommended “Zioper” by Securax Ltd. 

    Basically, all I have to do is input my credentials onto the simple account settings page and I’m done! The interface looks very similar to the native phone on the iPhone for familiarity purposes, but still different enough for you to be able to differentiate it.

    And get this: you can call yourself! It doesn’t offer a lot of use unless you want to get out of a painful conversation/encounter, but it’s fun!

    It’s worked fine for me so far. Any other VoIP apps I should check out?

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