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  1. When we talk about User Experience, it’s not just about where someone placed which button and what their ulterior motive was behind it.

    It’s about the entire package. And if there’s one company that gets that, it’s Apple. When people buy an iPhone, they don’t just buy a device, they become part of a very dedicated consumer base, get excellent customer service and the security that if their device doesn’t function as expected, they can get an immediate hardware replacement (at least within the one-year warranty that comes with it).

    The kind of customer loyalty Apple enjoys is mostly thanks to the User Experience people get out of it. The reason they can provide this great experience? Focus on products.

    Companies like Nokia offer great, affordable devices - but they don’t come with the same UX. Why not? Because they produce way too many devices to be able to offer the same UX. It’s almost the same as an organic vs. bureaucratic structure in a company. The less layers you have, the more efficient/useful you are.

    So Nokia, listen to Jack Dorsey, focus on a few choice devices, please?

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