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  1. For all of you who’ve upgraded your iPhone to the shiny new iOS 5, you’ve seen this in action already. For those of you with Android phones are no strangers to this new, very important feature on Apple’s most popular product.

    In the past, new notifications always came in the form of a pop-up on the iPhone screen. So say you got a Twitter message, a text message and a Facebook message, there was no way to view them all in a list of any sort. You’d have to hit “Close” on each pop-up to get to the next in line. Inefficient. Yep. But Apple has learned. Now, all your notifications are gathered in a neat little bar on the top of your screen. Swiping down shows you all your notifications neatly grouped together complete with the DOW index and your local weather.

    It works exactly like the Android, in fact the subtle little things like the “collapse handle” at the bottom of the notifications screen looks the same too.

    As always though, Apple’s managed to make a feature that’s been around for so long look so much nicer (and hence more useful in my opinion) than its competing Operating System.

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