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  1. I don’t use very many Microsoft products. At all. I used to have a PC. It decided to stop working during my exams in first year Engineering. I switched to a Mac and have never looked back since.

    However, looking at the Zune interface on my work PC, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised.


    • The interface is clean and simple to use
    • The designer gives the user a few choice options
    • The subtle design elements are unique and tasteful - like the changing of colors in the back as the music plays
    • The titles and subtitles are clean and swoop in and out of the screen. Gorgeous.
    • White backgrounds on the menu-driven interface. SO refreshing!


    • The little heart underneath the title has a tooltip that says “Rate”. My expectation is that it will expand to a few hearts and I’ll rate it like I would on Windows Media Player from 1-5 stars. Instead, the heart just highlights and says “I like” in the tooltip. Clicking it again means I don’t like it. Intuitive? I think not.
    • In the main Zune menu, the items glide and slide across the screen which is gorgeous. But bringing my cursor over them makes them misalign with my pointer. Kinda annoying.
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